Chair of Trustees: Dr. M. O. A. Gadour

Stroke And Diabetes Education and Aid Foundation (SADEAF).

 We are a charity aiming to raise awareness of stroke and diabetes in the UK as well as helping people with stroke and diabetes in the Sudan.

 Stroke is very common in the Sudan. People with stroke should be treated in a special unit known as the stroke unit. They receive treatment during the initial phase and then they receive physiotherapy. Most people get better and go back to work and feed their families. People who work in the stroke unit should receive specialized training.

 There are no proper stroke units in the Sudan. People there die from stroke or become disabled and bed bound for the rest of their lives. This includes young people.

 We want to set up stroke units in the Sudan. The first step in this work is to train people. We can not help patients if there are no people qualified to help them. Some hospitals in Britain are willing to help us. We need funds to send some teams from Britain to train our team in the Sudan. We also need to make arrangements for our team members in the Sudan to spend some time here to get practical training. On top of that, we need to provide equipment necessary to take care of stroke patients. Therefore, we need money. We need support from people here in the form of regular monthly standing orders. We also need support from people in the Sudan to help with refurbishing the wards and buying local equipment and helping with the running costs.

 We are already in touch with Soba University Hospital in Khartoum as well as Nyala Hospital in Southern Darfur. The first stroke unit will be established there.

 The Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro is already involved. The stroke consultant there, Dr Frances Harrington, visited Soba Hospital with her team.

 The North Midlands University Hospital in Stoke-on Trent are very kean and enthusiastic to help us. We visited the Hospital and met with the stroke team there and the Stroke Lead, Dr Indira Natarajan. We are now in the process of signing a memorandum of understanding between them and Khartoum University. We expect their team to visit Soba Hospital in few months time.

 We are going to deliver a workshop in Core Stroke competencies from 22nd to 26th July 2018 in Soba Hospital.

 Nyala hospital started an English Language course for their trainees. They have designed a plan for the stroke unit and they are now collecting funds for the building work. A workshop will be delivered there afterwards.

 Diabetes is also very common in the Sudan. It can cause blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, strokes, and loss of the legs. There is need for specially trained people to look after people with diabetes and educate them. There is a very excellent diabetes association in the Sudan. They are doing very good work. However, they need support. We want to support them by providing equipment not available in the Sudan and also helping in training.

 To help us achieve our mission for both diabetes and stroke, we urge all Sudanese people living in the UK to support us by small regular monthly standing orders. The details of the account are shown in the standing order.

 We have set up a charity in the UK by the name of SADEAF. The charity has been registered in the charity commission on 08/05/2018. The registration number is 1178260.

 The charity has also been registered as a member of the World Stroke Organisation. This will give us a chance to engage with similar organisations throughout the world and exchange ideas and enjoy mutual support.

 We are now building a website for the charity. Part of this website is dedicated for patient education. We obtained permission from the British Stroke Association to translate their education material to Arabic language. The translation has been done and we are now editing it to suite the Sudan.

 We welcome anyone willing to join our efforts and work with us.

For more information please see mission statement

Registered Charity in England and Wales, registration number 1178260.